Hey There!

I'm Casey, the face behind Phreckle Face. I'm 5' tall, a PNW girl at heart, and I would choose warm comfy layers over a sundress any day. I love Jesus and I love people, I am addicted to travel, and am trying to talk my husband into buying a vintage VW bus to adventure with. I'm a mother of two teenagers and I'm obsessively in love with my hubby of 16 years. I'm crazy about caramel macchiatos - or as my husband says, "foo foo coffee." I live on an urban farm with our two dogs Bear and Emma, a cat named Waffles, and one fish that just won't kick the bucket - seriously, how long is a fish lifespan? I am possibly the worst cook known to man, but God blessed me with a hubby, that loves to grill and cook up a storm! By the time I am 40 I want to travel to Iceland, Scotland, and New Zealand.


I'm the photographer for the adventerous couple who is seeking something different and wild.  I love working with people who want to dance in the rain, get married in a forest or on the coast,  and don't mind a blustery day that might whip their hair around. 

I'm in awe of love like this....Raw, Honest, Real.

As I am capturing your story, my goal is to allow each moment to remain personal and authentic instead of posed. I want to capture the genuine emotions that truly portray you and how you show love; whether that be wild and free or soft and quiet. I love to add elements of YOUR individuality into the setting of your photos - whether it be the mountaintop you had your first kiss on, or the coffee shop you had your first date at. I want to get to know you for who you are, and what makes you unique.


At the end of the day I want you to know that you matter, your marriage matters, and your story matters!